There are things that I can do, that Greg has taken only 5 minutes to show me that I didn't even think were possible. It blows me away some times. I think the class format is better because we bounce ideas off of each other, and back each other up a bit. You learn more with three heads in the room instead of just one.

I decided to take lessons with Greg because I find him very organised, and he has a lot of great teaching materials. Lessons with Greg have helped me understand all the guitar techniques and music theory. One thing I find really helpful is the various scales he taught me, as well as how to apply them and create my own music with them.

I've learned a lot from Greg, but it's been particularly helpful to learn improvisation from someone who will do it with you, and knows it well. If you're considering taking lessons, I recommend it. They are a lot of fun and easy going.


I've improved a lot since I've taken up lessons with Greg. I started with trying to do it on my own with a video, but that wasn't working, and I've found my playing has improved significantly since taking lessons. 

I find the pace that Greg teaches at is really good. He's good at picking what standard you are at, and giving you stuff that will help you progress, instead of stuff that is too hard or too easy.

I was originally self taught, but found that wasn't working for me, so I looked for lessons. Greg has cleaned up all the techniques to make everything sound better, as well as helped focus the way I was playing. The way Greg explains things is very clear, and is very quick to pick up on things, and show you ways to stop bad habits before they develop. 

I decided to take lessons with Greg because I needed to improve my guitar skills, but most importantly I needed someone to guide me to that next stage. And that initial conversation with Greg convinced me that he was the one who would help me get there.

For the 2 months I have been taking lessons with Greg, it has opened up a new avenue of guitar playing that I wasn't even aware of. 
I would say the single most important thing in any of my lessons is that there is instant feedback, and there is lots of information that has come through in a customised way.

I think the main advantage for me is that Greg takes a very structured approach to the lessons. I have had lessons before, which were great, but I need something that provides me with a real step by step basic structre. So with Greg I know what I am meant to be practicing, and I have a record online so I can see what I have done, and I can download backing tracks and reference sheets. I think Greg really takes teaching seriously, and he really knows his stuff. It's all the little things that he picks up. He can see bad habits that I am not even aware of.

Definitely give it a go. Greg really knows his stuff, and he has a great system and the classes are fun.

Greg's lessons have helped me with the process of learning music theory, has helped me with technique and introduced me to playing new ways of playing music. Greg is very professional and personable and he's good at teaching guitar, which is the most important thing. 

I've been playing guitar for nearly 20 years, but haven't been playing with any real knowledge. I needed to find someone who would understand that there were aspects of my playing that were quite advanced, and wouldn't lock me into doing something different, but would be able to take me back to some fundamentals. Greg has been really great in allowing me to continue what I want to play, how I want to play it, but also guiding me through understanding what I am playing.
In a short time, I have already learned a whole lot of simple "magic tricks" that have meant the guitar has more options for me.

The single thing that has helped me in my lessons with Greg has been his understanding of the process that underlies what I was already doing.
If you are not taking lessons currently, you should just sign up to Greg's lessons because he is pretty great.

My name is Suzanne, and I've been taking lessons with Greg for about 10 months. I decided to take lessons with Greg because I really like the look of the website, and the first lesson was free. I also like his style and approachability. There is no way I would have gotten as far as I have without Greg as a teacher. His knowledge is quite extraordinary. And the way he tailors his lessons to my ability and my learning style mean I can put it into practice when I am at home.

If you are considering taking guitar lessons, then you should take it up with Greg. He's a great teacher, very approachable and very knowledgeable.

I've never had guitar lessons before. Greg is my first teacher. I can see a really great improvement since I started lessons. His feedback is really good, and this really helps me improve my playing skills.

I used to play guitar a lot when I was younger, but stopped playing. Lessons with Greg really gives you some focus, and you can see where you are going. The good thing about Greg is that if I want to do jazz, he can teach me jazz, if I want to do classical, he has a whole lot of songs he can teach me, and when I listen to a song on the radio, we can do that.

My name is Robby. I've been taking lessons for about six months. I decided to take lessons partly due to some of the testimonials, and I had reached a point where I didn't feel like I could teach myself any more and needed some help. Taking lessons with Greg has really helped me because he met me where I am at, and helped me with things I need to be helped with, and he's really tailored the lessons to me. The one thing in the lessons that has helped me the most has been Greg working with me and understanding where I am and what I need, and not providing just a generic lesson plan.

I think you should definitely take lessons with Greg he's really lovely, and he'll help you out, and tailor the lessons to you, help you set goals and help you achieve them.

My husband found Greg online. We were originally going to get guitar lessons at the school, but since it was such a big group (10 kids per class), it was too hard for a child to learn. One on one learning is great for Antonio.

We thought we'd give it a go, and it's been fantastic! He didn't do the traditional (ie boring!) guitar lessons, and I wanted to keep it interesting for Peter."
"I stopped taking lessons (with my previous teacher) because I didn't find them exciting, so I decided to find another teacher. Greg has shown me a more fun way, and made it a lot more enjoyable.

I have always wanted to learn an instrument and mentioned it to my wife. She bought me a guitar for Christmas and organised lessons after finding Greg’s details on the internet. After speaking with Greg, my wife knew he would be great for what I wanted to get out of guitar playing. Since then I haven’t missed any lessons. I had no musical background at all, and starting later in life is a little daunting, but Greg has been able to teach me to play, mixing in the right amount of music theory whilst still making it fun and interesting. This has helped me learn not only to play the guitar but to understand the parts of the guitar, reading tabs and music. Lessons with Greg have been great, so if you’re thinking of learning the guitar, I highly recommend speaking to Greg first.

After my first lesson with Greg, I knew there would be many more to follow. He is a great teacher -- passionate, unassuming and articulate. Having already had some experience with piano, Greg has adjusted the pace of my lessons to fit with my existing knowledge focusing on the areas that I need to develop, and quickly identifying the areas that are safe to skip ahead.

There is no question that Greg knows his stuff across the many areas of guitar including theory, technique and style, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting to learn guitar from scratch or brush up on their existing knowledge.

I have lessons with Greg for about 6-7 weeks. I found out about him from the local music shop. My mum wanted me to take lessons with Greg, and I agreed. Greg has helped me play things like chords, the name of strings and how to play songs as well as remembering where to put my fingers while playing chords. 
He is enthusiastic about his job and you can tell that he likes what he's teaching.
I rate Greg 10/10. I enjoy going to my lessons because I know that I will learn fast with him teaching me. I would definitely recommend lessons with Greg.

About 6 months ago, I decided to take up guitar lessons. I came across Greg Trotter via a Google search and contacted him to arrange a lesson. I initially contacted Greg because of proximity but have since continued with lessons because of his excellence. I walked into Greg’s teaching room not knowing a single thing about the guitar other than ‘Clapton is God’. 

In such little time, I have learnt over 15 chords, numerous techniques and some fascinating theory. Greg makes every lesson exciting and challenging. Greg’s passion and talent for the guitar and teaching has inspired me more than I could have imagined. It is because of Greg’s excellent teaching techniques and talent that I have grown to love the guitar and develop an appreciation for all music genres.