How to Build Your Confidence As a Musician

For Guitar, Piano, Voice, and Any Instrument


Do you want to feel confident about your guitar playing? About your piano playing? About your singing? Or all three?


Confidence is the most important aspect of learning, growing, and succeeding in any instrument. Confidence inspires you to go out of your comfort zone. Confidence empowers you to keep practicing even before you see any large signs of progress. Confidence empowers you to perform in front of others. Confidence enables you to identify your mistakes without dwelling on them. Confidence brings joy and emotion to your music. With confidence, both you and everyone listening is more happy. In this article, you will learn simple steps to build your confidence and become the musician you want to be.


Overconfidence and under confidence are two sides of the same coin. Both of these stem from insecurity and an incorrect perception of reality.


People who are overconfident think they are better than they are and pretend that their weaknesses do not exist. They think they know it all already. Over time, this always leads them to trip over their own weaknesses and to stagnate. Overconfident people cannot convince themselves to practice or improve because they think they are already too good. When they practice, they never leave their comfort zone.


People who are under confidence think that their weaknesses are much worse than they are and dwell on their weaknesses. Every time they make a mistake, they get very frustrated. They beat themselves up. They rarely see progress, even if they do improve dramatically. People who are under confident sometimes practice for considerable time, but do not see the fruits of their labor. They do not know how to assess themselves and label their playing as good or bad. Mostly bad.


People with a healthy level of confidence see themselves as they truly are and as they want to be. They glance at their weaknesses and focus on their strengths. They focus on making their strengths even stronger. And they use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. People with a healthy level of confidence make consistent improvement every time they practice because they know what to focus on, how to assess themselves, and they know how to keep their confidence levels up while practicing.


You can develop a healthy level of confidence and become the musician and the person you have always wanted to be. Below is a simple exercise you can do to boost your confidence.


Grab a piece of paper. Take five minutes to write down what you are good at. Write down your strengths (both in music, in your personal life, in your vocation, in your personality, etc.). You can include strengths such as “ambitious,” “hardworking,” “playing guitar,” “loyal,” “happy,” etc.


After you finish writing down at least five or more of your strengths, focus on one of the strengths you wrote down and identify something more specific about your strength. For example “I am good at guitar” becomes “I am good at strumming chords on the guitar, playing in rhythm, and memorizing songs.” You can do this same exercise with each of the other strengths you wrote down.


Starting today, focus primarily on your strengths and making your strengths even better. You can glance at your weaknesses and identify them. But you can only overcome them using your strengths. While practicing, alternate between doing something you feel really confident about and working on something specific to improve.


Every time you get frustrated while practicing, find a way to simply what you are playing until you feel confident you can do it. You can also review a song or a part of the song that you feel more confident about. When you work on what you are good at, you will instantly feel better about yourself, and this confidence will give you the strength and courage to continue improving yourself and going outside your comfort zone.


Regularly take the time to review your strengths. You can even add to the list. Mastering your strengths is the key to become the musician and the person you want to be.


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